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Sound Alchemy


"It is through love,

that all pain turns to

medicine." -Rumi

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Alchemy is the art of transformation, inner liberation, and change.

We can use the pressure of life to find inspiration in discovering our greatest lessons, empowerment, and freedom. 

We all have our stories... we can look back on our lives and reflect on experiences that brought us to our knees, yet inevitably became a catalyst for our awakening unfolding.


Every second, every moment we have another chance to explore this beautiful world of contrast, finding alignment and manifesting our dreams. 

We are truly the creators of our life, learning to respond and adjust our energy to manifest a life we love. We can take our power back from all the places we let it loose and create a life of joy and appreciation. We are capable and worthy of living abundant lives, full of gratitude and healthy connection.

We are awakening alchemy within us, stepping out of the victim role and into embodying our sovereignty.


We heal together, we rise together.

Here to love & support,
Nina Marie 

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